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Tag: Garden

Euphorbia Lactea In You Garden

The wobbly appearance of Euphorbia lactea will add a character to your garden that no other plant can give. It has three-sided candlesticks and a long slender stem. The figure is wobbly. In fact, Euphorbia lactea looks almost like a child’s drawing. The charm of E. lactea is enhanced by short spines along the edges.

Types of Broccoli In Your Garden

Did you know that there are many types of broccoli? You’ll likely see vegetables at your local grocery store or farmers ‘ market that vaguely resemble broccoli, but are more leafy, leaner, bright green, blue-green, or even look like fractals. Such variation in size and appearance also means variable growing times, leading to months of

Growing Broccoli In Your Own Garden

What is Bruce Lee’s vegan brother’s name? Brocco-Lee, of course! This vegetable may not be in the martial arts, but it is certainly a master in the garden. In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about growing broccoli at home. Bad jokes aside, it’s not hard to grow broccoli, I promise!

Check Out Tips For Growing Shallots

A special kind of allium bulb is an essential component of many European dishes – shallots. How to grow them is usually not someone’s first thought, but the moment they see the price on the market, growing shallot bulbs suddenly becomes much more important. So today we are going to talk about Allium cepa, formerly

Growing Kumquat Tree In You Garden

Kumquat, also known as Citrus japonica, is an easy-to-grow fruit tree. Of all citrus fruits, it is the most beautiful with dark green shiny leaves. It is famous for its bright orange fruits, deliciously sour and sweet. These trees, native to East Asia, are relatively small and beautiful. If you are looking to grow them